2016-2017 Planners

2016-2017 planners (1)

If you’re not in love with the planner you picked out last December, or if you happen to be like us, and lost the planner you started the year off with, don’t fret. July 2016­June 2017 planners are in and they are beautiful and functional! Summer time is a great time to reflect on the rest of your year, set goals, and get organized. Just make sure you do it by the pool or on a beautiful so you can really feel inspired.

Planner Day Designer Navy White


This stylish planner features navy striped design with classy gold detail. The planner offers weekly and monthly views with large writing space. 8” x 10” page size.

Blue Sky Planner 8” x 10”



The Blue Sky collection features assorted prints including florals and bow ties. This paperboard planner includes tabbed monthly and weekly calendar view with large writing spaces. Paper size is 8” x 10′ inches.

Blue Sky Planner 5″ x 8″


If you are looking for a slimmer planner, but with ample writing space, this one is it! It’s book bound, with bold pattern on canvas cover, with monthly and weekly views, and a bookmark to help keep you even more organized. Page size 5” x 8”.

Blue Sky Planner Gold Wire­o Binding 5″ x 8″


If you are looking for a smaller planner with easy page turning, this one is the best bet. It features a monthly and weekly calendar with writing space. Page size 5” x 8”.

Blue Sky Planner 3″ x 6″

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 1.39.29 PM

This compact planner is perfect for keeping things simplified. It features monthly calendar with room for writing in. Page size 3” x 6”.


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