5 Essential Newborn Photography Props From Target

The first time we ever did a newborn photo shoot, the baby was two days old.

Two days old! Our minds were blown. So NEW! So pink. So.. asleep. The thing is, we never considered ourselves newborn photographers because it went against a lot of the values we hold as photographers. We like candid. We like lifestyle. We like eyes open. That shoot completely changed us because soon we realized that what we like is doing whatever the client wants us to do, and even better than they’ve hoped for. That’s generally a mix of open eyes, closed eyes, sleeping, eating, staring into space, and just being wonderfully, adorably, NEWLY human. That’s really what it takes!

When we had our children, we didn’t have what we have now. We knew the photography in our hearts, but not so much the technical/business/props ins-and-outs. Whether you’re a professional photographer, an amateur photographer, or just a parent who wants GREAT shots of your kids, we have some great essentials you’ll need – as well as essential props for a newborn (or even older) baby photo shoot. The best part is that ALL of these props can be found at wonderful Target.

So if you’re looking for one-stop, awesome shopping at a place you know and love, you’re in luck!

  1. A fuzzy blanket! What’s better than this for a photo shoot? We love soft, textured blankets that don’t compete with the babies for attention. Generally, solid colors work great. We have a lot of neutrals that are washed after every use. Here’s are two favorites:

Microplush Bed Blanket – Threshold™


Faux Fur Throw – Threshold™


2. Wooden Crates. They are so versatile because they can be used with fabric, blankets, fur, pillows – and with the baby on their back, or on their stomach. They’re inexpensive and perfect for newborn photo shoots.

Hand Made Modern – Wooden Crate – Pine


3. Diaper covers. Cute diaper covers are readily found at Target, but did you know you can find prop ones as well? Here is a cow one, and you can get a piglet too.

Baby Cuddly Calf Diaper Cover Set – 0-6 Months


4. Baby hats/headbands. Honestly, you could never go wrong here! They are all so cute, and there is an abundance of cute hats and headbands at Target.

Toddler Boys’ Critter Hat and Mitten Set Brown – Cat & Jack™


Yoga Sprout Baby Girls’ 6 Pack Headbands – Berry 0-12M


5. Baby wraps/swaddles. These come in handy at every newborn shoot. Newborns generally love to be wrapped and these give them comfort and security. It’s also a great way to get shots with their eyes open.

SwaddleDesigns® Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blankets – Goodnight Starshine – 4pk – Sterling Gray

Well, what do you think? Do you feel ready? Other Target items you might need are diapers, of course, prop pillows, faux fur, and your imagination. Newborn babies have a way of stealing the show all on their own. While these essentials will help your photo shoot, it’s your baby and your creativity that will truly steal the show. Happy Shooting!


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