5 Picture Perfect Easter Cat & Jack Dresses for All Girls

5 Picture Perfect Easter Dresses for Girls

Finally February here. In a few short weeks spring will be right around the corner. Plus if you celebrate Easter, that is only a hop, skip and a jump away.

So now is the time to begin to shop for Spring and Easter dress up clothes for young girls.

Well, fortunately Target and specifically Cat & Jack have all covered with their gorgeous new line of Spring/Easter Dress Line.

But why Cat & Jack? See here our family loves Cat & Jack clothes all year long. But we especially love their more formal dress up clothing for seasonal holidays. At Christmas time, my own girls wore Cat & Jack red sweaters and tulle skirts to celebrate in.

Picture Perfect Christmas Time Outfits from Cat & Jack for Girls

But now they were indeed heading to the next seasonal holiday, we are now on the hunt for the perfect Cat & Jack outfit for spring, specifically for Easter here.

So, of course, I took to my local Target to begin my upcoming search. I mean I am pretty much there a few times a week anyways. Therefore, on a recent trip, I browsed the Cat & Jack Girls section to get a feel for their latest spring collection for girls.

After what I saw, I couldn’t resist sharing here for all young girls. Seriously you aren’t going to want to miss out on this and need to check out some of the fabulous dressed up clothing items they have right now for all girls.

So here are 5 gorgeous Cat & Jack Dress Option for All Girls now:

1.Girls’ Sleeveless Sequin Dress With Tulle Skirt – Cat & Jack™

What young girl doesn’t love fun colorful polka dots? So not only is this dress is not only not only perfect for the spring with the pastel colors. But is dressy enough for the perfect spring holiday of Easter.

Sleeveless Sequin Dress With Tulle Skirt

2. Girls’ Sequin Bodice And Star Mesh Ballerina Dress – Cat & Jack™ Silver

Looking for a bit of shimmer and shine? Well, this dress doesn’t gives just that and so much more. The pastel pink ballerina bottom is perfect for the spring princess look. Plus, the bodice silver sequin for that extra pop of shine, too.

Girls' Sequin Bodice And Star Mesh Ballerina Dress - Cat & Jack™ Silver

3. Girls’ Embroidery Dressy Dress – Cat & Jack™ Aqua

If pink isn’t your girls first love. Then, this aqua blue pastel embroidery dress is the perfect princess look for all with polka dot top, bow at the waist and tulle bottom.

Girls' Embroidery Dressy Dress - Cat & Jack™ Aqua

4. Girls’ Tulle Dressy Dress – Cat & Jack™ Pink

This stylish, but comfortable dress can be dressed up or down. It has just the right patterned sequined effect for it to be dressed up. But also just the right of spandex to be dressed down for comfort, too.

5. Girls’ Butterfly Print Woven Dress – Cat & Jack™ Pink

Whatever better way to usher in spring and Easter than with butterflies on your girls’ dress. Here is the perfect dress to do just that!

Girls' Butterfly Print Woven Dress - Cat & Jack™ Pink

There you have it 5 picture perfect Cat & Jack Spring Easter dresses for all young girls to wear for the upcoming new season now!

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