5 Tips for Intentional Mornings

5 Tips for Intentional MorningsSome people were born morning people. I was not one (sigh.) Mornings have always been hard for me – even as a child. I was always the last person to wake up at sleepover parties & I’ve always set multiple alarms to help me get out of the bed in the morning. I tried the “go to bed earlier” method and that just results in me getting 11 hours of sleep instead of 9 😉 The years that I worked full time in an office I tried so hard to create a healthy morning routine but it was always all out of whack. When I went full time as a Lifestyle Blogger & Photographer, I knew I needed to get my mornings in order to be able to thrive as an entrepreneur. Here are five ways that I have found help start your morning on the right foot!


Your body has been sleeping all night – not many people can bounce out of bed feeling like a million bucks. Hit the snooze and start stretching your legs, arms, fingers, & toes. This helps wake you up and gets the blood pumping through your body! Once your snooze goes off, you’ll be much more awake and you’ll feel better because the oxygen is pumping through your blood!


Besides turning off your alarm, keep your phone by your bed as you leave to get ready. It is so tempting to immediately check emails & social media notifications, but when we do we instantly feel behind. The online world never sleeps and we feel our absence. Instead of motivating you to start a new day, you tense up and stress about all the deadlines and things to do. Give yourself a break from technology and enjoy a cup of coffee on the couch or back porch. Taking time to breathe, move, and wake up without the beckoning of the work world will empower you. Those emails can wait until you start work.


I know how tempting it is to reach for the cup of coffee asap but you’ve been fasting all night and your body needs food & water. I try to drink a glass of water while I make my coffee so that my body can start to wake up & hydrate. Also, don’t skip breakfast. Your body hasn’t eaten for a while and you should kick start that metabolism. It doesn’t have to be huge or fancy but make some oatmeal, grab an apple & peanut butter, or pour a bowl of cereal with your kids. By taking care of your body, you are helping it work better for


When I outgrew the lovable & chewable vitamins featuring my favorite cartoon characters of my youth, I stopped taking my vitamins regularly. It wasn’t that I didn’t care about my health, it was simply the fact that I ALWAYS forget to take them. Taking vitamins is kinda a hassle #amiright?! First you have to remember to take them and secondly you have to want to take them. I am not a fan of the force yourself to swallow a huge horse pill method! Enter in Olly Vitamins from Target. That fine day I discovered the beautiful packaging of Olly Vitamins on an end cap in Target changed my life 😉 I’ve been buying them for myself and my family ever since! Take a multivitamin and also fill in the gaps with your other needs! I take a energy and a clear skin vitamin too!


I allow myself an hour and a half between when my alarm goes off and when I start work. I know that may sound crazy but it is what I need. I stretch, I go downstairs to sip my coffee, and I just allow for the beauty of a slow morning. Spend some time in the morning sitting on your porch or listening to music on the couch. This quiet time helps ground you and inspire you – your creativity is focused on the beauty of a new day not sucked up in creativity (and comparison) of others on social media that you missed overnight. As long as I can (even in the winter when it is not snowing) I sit on my back porch to have a quiet time. I read, journal, and rest while listening to the birds, the neighbors, and life.

Making my mornings an intentional time of day only help the rest of the day to run smoother! I would love to hear your morning tips and things that are part of your morning routine! Let me know in the comments below!

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