6 Clean Products to Protect Your Family’s Skin in August

August is here and it’s back-to-school season but the sun is still out and it’s still so hot. Whether you still have a month left of vacation or your kids go back to school next week it’s still important to protect their skin while they play at the beach or during recess. Have you ever wondered what’s in the sunscreen and whether or not it’s good for our skin? We are rubbing it all over our bodies, after all.

Over the last few years, more and more “better for you” sunscreen alternatives have hit the market and Target carries several of them. We perused the Target shelves to find 6 ‘better for you’ products that will help protect your family’s skin this summer.

6 Clean Products to Protect Your Family’s Skin in August

Babyganics Mineral-Based Baby Sunscreen – Target offers plenty of options to protect your little ones shin, but we’re partial to the Babyganics sunscreen. They have a whole collection of great products for little kiddos, and this is just another one in their line-up. This sunscreen is mineral-based, which essentially means the active ingredient block sun rays from hitting your body instead of absorbing them (like many traditional chemical-based sunscreens). That’s reassuring to know feet chemicals are being into our little babies’ skin.

Bare Republic Clearscreen Sport Sunscreen Gel ~ With some studies showing concerns about certain chemical components in sunscreen, this alternative relies on chemicals shown by studies to be absorbed less by our skin than others. While protecting our skin from there sun’s rays, we also think fewer chemicals is generally better.

Bare Republic Mineral Facial Sunscreen ~ Another mineral-based option, this alternative is made especially for your face. Oily sunscreens on our faces are the worst, so grab this to accompany the regular Bare Republic sunscreen for full head to toe coverage.

Sun Bum Sunscreen ~ For a more traditional approach to protection, this option relies on a mix of common sun protection ingredients, so it may be somewhat more reliable.

Pacifica Sun & Mineral Lip Balm ~ After slathering your skin, don’t forget about your lips. This mineral-based lip balm relies on titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, two of the cleanest sun protection options, to cover our lips. Bonus: It’s made in the USA.

Burt’s Bees After Sun Soother ~ After a day in the sun, don’t forget to give your skin a but of refreshing TLC with the aloe and coconut oil in this product. Your skin will thank you.

No matter which option you choose, we all have different skin. Chemical and mineral compound react differently with our skin. The sun shines with carrying strength depending on our location, the weather, and so many other factors. While sunscreen products are based on science, there’s still a responsibility for each of us to be aware of how much sun were getting and when it might be time to go inside. These sunscreen options are better for us than some of the products that have historically say on store shelves, However, even the best sunscreens aren’t fool-proof so we need to use our judgment and remember it’s up to each of us to be the best stewards to our skin.


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