6 Outdoor Toys Every Kid Needs

My favorite time of the year is rapidly approaching. This Mom and her family absolutely loves Summer, and everything that goes with it, picnics, beach time, time spent outdoors, and most importantly, time together as a family. Now that my oldest is going to college, I am finding that I am really missing the fun toys he had when he was growing up.

So on a recent shopping trip to Target, I was reminded of some of the cool toys that are out there to help families have a great time during the Summer months. Whether you have a boy or girl or one of each, I am sure that you will find a lot of enjoyment in these 6 outdoor toys every kid needs.

6 Outdoor Toys Every Kid Needs:

  1. The most awesome sandbox out there! When I saw this product(only available online), I was immediately transported back to my childhood. I have flashback and memories of a Summer at our old house, when we decided it was a great idea to mix cement in with the sand. I personally do not recommend you sharing that with your child, but that memory sure does make me smile now.Little Tykes Turtle Sandbox
  2. Toddler Sports Toys. Every kid loves these, even the big kids. I can’t tell you how many times my teens will sit and play with a younger kid when they have these. They are fun, and great for bonding with younger siblings or cousins. Boys and girls alike will love them.Toddler sports toys
  3. A fun lawn sprinkler. Again, a total Summer must-have. After all, we can remember hot Summer days spent running through a sprinkler to keep cool. Melissa and Doug took it to the next level with this cute Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Sprinkler Toy. Definitely a must-have for this Summer.Sunny Patch Blossom sprinkler
  4. Somewhere to eat. You can’t talk about Summer without discussing food. And kids need their own spaces to eat, too. So why not make it fun? This cute Phanty Pic-N-Rock is for food and fun! The perfect combination!
  5. A cool bike! Summer isn’t Summer without seeing kids riding around on their bicycle. This fun BMX bike by RoyalBaby is the perfect addition to your Summer toy stash!
  6. Outdoor art set. I love that kids of all ages, including adults, can come together to use this Chalk Party Outdoor Art Set. From morning until night, there is so much fun for everyone! Chalk, paint, and so much more!chalk party outdoor art set

So there you have it! My choices for the 6 outdoor toys every kid needs. From young to old to everything in between, you are sure to find the perfect toy to enjoy your Summer vacation.

What are some of your must-have toys for Summer vacation?

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