6 Tips To Be More Efficient

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Whether you are a busy stay at home mom juggling kid’s soccer schedules, homework, and running a household, a creative business owner making sure all your orders go out on time, or a student running from class to class, making efficient use of your time is important! Even just a few moments of intentional planning or preparation each week can make a huge difference in what you can get accomplished. Luckily, Target knows the struggle and has great, and of course cute, products to help you manage all your responsibilities and time efficiently!

How many times have you had to come to the end of a day and wondered what you had done all day or where the day went? Know that you’re not alone! We are here to help you with six great tips to manage your time efficiently and with style, thanks to our BFF Target!

Six Time Management Tips

  1. Week at a glance – Get a feel for your entire week with a single glance! Use these weekly meal planner post it notes to write down your events and calendar items for the week for a quick view of what’s coming up. Keep it in a central location and track all of your family events each week.
  2. Make it workThis handy dry erase tape is so versatile! Use it to plan out big projects, birthday parties, or complicated timelines and when you’re done – just erase and move on! Bonus! It’s removable so when you need the space back you can take it down!
  3. Block out your timeUse a kitchen timer to give yourself a specific amount of time to work on one project and then take a break. Focusing on a single task for a short period of time is more efficient than trying to finish several things at once.
  4. Write it down – whether you keep a cute journal or a pretty notebook on your desk or use an app to track all your notes, write things down! The act of putting pen to paper (or tapping it out on a keyboard) signals to your brain that this information is important and helps you remember it for later.
  5. Color code your days – Give different things in your planner or in your notebook a different color. Divide things into business and personal or give each person in your family a different color. Use a highlighter to block off sections of your day to give you a visual cue of what your day holds! Bonus: These Yoobi gel pens have an extra benefit! For every Yoobi item you purchase, a Yoobi item will be donated to a classroom in need, right here in the U.S. Cool, right?
  6. Take it all with you – Arrive at a meeting or event ready to go with this cute Day Designer Clipfolio. Put the meeting agenda under the clipboard on the front and take all your notes on the handy notepad right inside!

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