7 Tips For Eating Healthy While Traveling

Summer is here, and with it is the chance to explore your world! We are no strangers to roundtrips and have about eight of them planned for before the end of the summer. Sometimes it goes by in a blink, and before we get close to yet another New England winter (shudder), we need to make sure there are a few good family road trips under our belts. The thing is, we have to get prepared!

That’s where Target comes in.

It’s summer concert time. It’s meeting baby cousins time. It’s fairs and festivals time. It’s amusement parks, roller coasters, and candied apples on a stick. It’s chewy popcorn, roadside hot dogs, and chasing taco trucks. Does any of this sound familiar? To us, summer is at least partly about rainbow sprinkles and cotton candy. It’s beach houses, and sloppily putting potato chips in between your peanut butter sandwiches. (true story!) It’s putting OREO cookies in peanut butter sandwiches!

That’s a true story too.

Wherever you’re going, and whatever you’re doing, it’s a good chance that your nutrition options and choices may not be up to par en route. Follow these eating guidelines, head to your nearest Target, and you’ll be ok on the road! Plan ahead, know where you’re going, and we’ll help with the rest:

  1. Eat your greens, even on the road! You can pack along your powdered greens, to make smoothies anytime and anywhere. This will ensure that you get your quota of fruits and vegetables, and will make a better-for-you snack for the whole family. Bonus – it tastes great too!

Jamba Green Fusion Fruit & Veggie Smoothie 8 oz


2. Bring Melatonin so you can get enough sleep on the road. You know how you eat more when you’re more tired? Melatonin supplements are a way to keep on top of your sleep while traveling, and thus, keep on top of your snacking habits too. We especially love gummy Melatonin by Olly.

Olly Restful Sleep Blackberry Zen Vitamin Gummies – 50 Count


3. Always keep hydrated. We get a family pack of spring water and try to drink eight ounces every hour or so. If you’re hydrated, you will be more alert and also less likely to make sudden and irritable snack choices. Those don’t always work out so well!

Pure Life .5L purified water 28pk


4. Make your own fridge! Granted, you may have a fridge waiting for you wherever you’re going – in your hotel or beach house, or at your parent’s farm. That said, you may need one for the road trip so you can fill it full of healthy and satisfying goodies! What would you pack?

Igloo MaxCold 40 Quart Wheeled Cooler


5. Stock up on trail mix, granola bars, nuts, and other shelf-stable foods for your journey. Target has aisles chock full of good and satisfying snacks. Whether you’re spending a day at the beach, or hiking the mountains of Alaska, you’ll still want to check out what they have.

Simply Trail Mix 36oz – Archer Farms™


6. Eat plenty of protein. We go on the kinds of trips that involve long hours of exertion. Last year alone, we did 13 hour days pushing strollers in hot theme parks, and also 4 hours on the glaciers of Alaska. Either way, protein gives you wings! Target has incredible, satisfying options.

Oatmega Chocolate Coconut Crisp Omega-3 Protein Bars


7. Stock up on freebies! Did you know that some Target locations, like ours, has fruit for shoppers? Head to the Target Cafe, because hopefully you will find a Target location before or during your trip, and check it out. Kids under 12 can choose a FREE banana or a clementine! Cool!

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