A Dog-Friendly Easter Basket and A Dog Easter Egg Hunt

Spring is upon us, and Easter will be here before we know it. Since I am a dog lover through and through, and love to include my two pups in everything I do (like they give me a choice…), I thought it would be a cute idea to make them a Dog-Friendly Easter Basket and involve them in a Dog Easter Egg Hunt! Read on to see how I decorated some dog treats that I found at Target withEaster Sprinkles and Icing, and how I put together a basket for them. Aren’t Spring colors the best?! The dogs had an absolute blast helping decorate the dog treats and then searching around the yard for them. They even tolerated me taking pics of them in these Bunny Ears (found them for $1 each at Target too!!). Meet Cabbie, our Chocolate Lab, and Porter, our Chocolate Labradoodle Puppy.

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I started with these cute heart-shaped Newman’s Own treats from Target. I then laid them out onto a lined baking sheet, opened my decorator icing tube, and decorated only one or two treats at a time, so the icing didn’t dry too quickly. Simply use a diagonal motion to draw quick lines across the treats, and add various colors of sprinkles to the icing. It’s amazing how cute these wind up looking!

Fill your plastic eggs with the treats, and place them around the yard, and let the dogs run wild to hunt for the eggs! Any treats will do, I just had such a fun time decorating these, and the dogs go crazy for them!


What You Need:

1 Basket (I used a $3 Mint Wire Basket from the dollar area)

Tissue Paper and Paper Shreds (I used Easter Patterned Crinkle Fashion Grass 1.25oz – Spritz™)

Yarn Tassel Banner (I used the $3 one from the dollar area)

Easter Eggs to fill 

Dog Treats To Decorate

White Decorator Frosting and Spring Colored Sprinkles

Dog Toys

Any other cute Easter Decor or craft supplies you like.


1.) Unwrap your Yarn Tassel Garland and cut a few pieces of embroidery floss to tie tassels onto basket, or just tape the tassel garland to the basket.

2.) Put a few pieces of crumpled tissue paper into the bottom part of your basket, then add the package of paper crinkles on top of that. The Target Easter section and dollar area have SO many great things, you can really let your imagination run wild! It’s so fun to find coordinating items to pair together, it’s such fun.

3.) Next, fill your basket with cute gifts, treat-filled plastic eggs, toys, and more! I also loved using the Easter Egg Hunt Signs in the basket for more visual interest and cuteness!

4.) Lastly, for the Egg Hunt, hide the Easter eggs around your house or yard, and watch as the dogs have a blast using their noses to find the treats! Enjoy!

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