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  1. What is the first place you go to when you get to Target? The first place I go when I get into Target is the Dollar Spot section! I love that little section, I have quite the obsession with that little section and always find the cutest things. It’s the first place I hit and then circle around to all my other shopping.

  2. Who is your favorite person to shop for I love, love shopping for others and buying gifts for them at Target even if it’s just for my kiddos. Target has so many cute things for gift giving.

  3. Tell us one of your crazy Target shopping stories? Well, it wasn’t the craziest but it was for sure one of the best. For my birthday last year it fell on a Tuesday. I dropped my kids off at school that day, ran to Target and got my birthday Starbucks drink and walked the aisles of Target for my birthday. I always wondered what people did on their birthdays when they “fell on a weekday” now, I know the best place is to spend it at Target during the day when your kids are at school.

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