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  1. What is the first place you go to when you get to Target? As food bloggers we are automatically attracted to the Kitchen & Dinning section. We are always looking for new kitchen utensils & tools, table linens, and servewares.
  2. Do you like shopping alone or with other people? Most of the times we like to shop by ourselves but on a weekend trip to Target can be a family affair.
  3. Tell us one of your crazy Target shopping stories? Early this spring I was shopping at Target with my husband. I wanted to work on our kitchen garden and I was really unhappy about the fact that I wasn’t getting around any time to buy the Organic / Non-GMO seeds that I wanted. Suddenly my husband walks up to me with a few packets of Organic / Non GMO seeds and I was going crazy thinking to myself that he actually stepped out of the store to buy them, telling me he is shopping in the other aisle. Guess what??? He actually got them from the Home & Gardening section at Target. I always knew that Target had a Home and Outdoor Furniture section but for some reason, I never saw them carrying seeds too. I was going crazy the whole day thinking to myself I never saw this before.

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