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Heading to Target…see you in about a hundred and fifty bucks

The first place you go to when you get to Target? The dollar section. I’ve stopped pretending like there’s nothing there that I need. Just this week I bought chalkboards that are kitty shaped, a pack of 6 for $1. I mean, how can you resist it?

What was your craziest shopping trip? I needed to furnish our vacation rental from scratch and because of some crazy circumstance it all had to get done within 3 days. Of course, my husband was out of town for work, it was the Holidays and my son had a winter concert at his school. I had two hours to shop for EVERYTHING. I got a cart and ran around just putting things in my cart, TV, DVD player, toaster, blender, plates, towels anything and everything you can think of to set up a new house. After I was done with that cart I took it to the front of the store and asked customer service if they could watch my cart while I filled up another cart. The customer service person asked if it was some kind of joke. I told her, “no ma’am I really need to get everything tonight”. She was awesome and cheered me on while I raced through the store and filled up cart number two. I felt like I was in some reality show running around trying to get everything I needed as fast as possible.

One thing you can never resist at Target? A new bag. Every time I walk by the purses I have to at least take a look at what’s new.

Your favorite person to shop for: I love shopping for my kids, especially when I’m shopping alone. I like to walk through the toy section (don’t tell my kids I said this) just to see if any of our favorites (Legos, Tegu, Magnatiles) are on sale. 

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