Dean Ludington

What is the first place you go to when you get to Target? The first place I go, no matter what, is the Dollar Spot! I can’t help it. It’s like a tractor beam is pulling me in. It’s the best place ever.  I just know I’m going to find something I love. The prices are unbelievable and there is everything a creative person could ever want – stylish notebooks, pens, holiday accents, storage jars, decorations and of course the best seasonal stuff!

Who is your favorite person to shop for? My sister has got to be the absolute best person to shop for. At Target, they have everything she loves; I can’t go wrong.  Target has every single brand of clothes that she loves which makes shopping for her a no-brainer. I can also go into the home decor section, blindfolded, and pick out something she’d love.  It can’t get any easier than that!

Tell us one of your crazy Target shopping stories? Every year, one of my best friends and I decide on a “theme” for gift giving during the holidays. Last year we decided that all of our gifts must be bought in Target and, to make it even better, they had to come from three sections. We had to get one or two gifts from each of these sections: the dollar spot, books and magazines, and home decor. Our budget was fifty dollars.  It was so much fun searching for gifts that would fit into these criteria. Now for the crazy part.  When it was time to open gifts, we were beyond excited with anticipation. We took turns opening each present. When we started opening gifts, to our amazement we noticed that we ended up getting each other nearly all of the exact same things! We have such similar interests that we bought the same gifts. It was hysterical as we took turns opening the identical presents. Talk about having similar taste!

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