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I could give up shopping at Target but I’m not a quitter.

The first place you go to when you get to Target? The first place I always plan to head to is the shoe section, but Target is very smart placing the shoes in the back because along the way I always get distracted by the dollar spot, the women’s clothing, the hats, and the workout clothes that I totally intend to use but rarely do. 

The best thing you ever bought at Target? A bench for the end of my bed. I never realized how much I needed a matching headboard and bench until my husband convinced me we needed a place to sit to put our shoes on. I married a smart man.

One thing you can never resist at Target? Is everything an acceptable answer? Because I cannot resist filling a whole cart when I go in for deodorant. But I guess the one place I cannot help but swing by every time is the notebooks section – I am not great at journaling or day planning, but I am great at buying too many journals and planners.

Do you shop mostly at or at the store? I am a textile person – so while I love how easy it is to shop online, I prefer to be in the store so I feel everything. You’ll often find me walking down every aisle of Target picking up something about every three feet just to see what it feels like.

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