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What is the first place you go to when you get to Target?
I beeline directly to the home section. I can walk around that section forever getting ideas for our home, finding things on sale, and planning future purchases ( I waited forever for my fav bar cart to go on sale!) This obviously also includes the kitchen and bedroom sections – mugs, they get me every time!  Unless it is Christmas time and I dance over to the holiday section and dream of staying there forever 😉
Do you like shopping alone or with other people?
I hate shopping alone. It suddenly feels like a chore so I never do it (because I HATE chores!). My best shopping pal is my husband Bruce. We have the same store tempo (walk fast, look for cool things, pick the shortest check out line) plus we also are mega teammate minded. I need him to bounce home ideas off and he needs me to tell him if we have space for one more Lego set. We go well together.
Who is your favorite person to shop for?
Me? Is that bad? Right now it is just my husband and I so the majority of things I get from Target are for our house or for us to eat (we ALWAYS stop at Target before going to a movie for candy!) I also do a fair amount of gift giving from Target and get a lot of my entertaining supplies for parties from there! So I would say Us first, friends/ family second. haha!

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