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Need. Want. Such a fine line at Target

Do you like shopping alone or with other people and why?

I have to shop alone, mostly to avoid the judgement of my friends and family on how much I “accidentally” spent after going in for a simple bottle of shampoo. I grab that Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks on my way in, grab my cart and then allow myself a solid two hours to walk every aisle.We’ll consider it my exercise routine. 

One thing you can never resist at Target?

Home decor. And clothes. And coffee mugs. And a baby outfit just in case somebody I know gets pregnant. 

The first place you go to when you get to Target?

I always first stop at the dollar spot. The genius Target staff placed it right by the doors of where you walk in at my local Target so you know, necessary. It blows my mind how I never realized I needed decorative straws, a mini chalkboard and a pack of fruit snacks but there I am, adding all of those to my cart within seconds of entering the store. 

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