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The first place you go to when you get to Target?

The Pajama Section! I am a simple girl who loves hanging in comfy and cozy jams. So dang it, the PJ section is top on my list of places to visit when I have a Target trip on my To-Do!

Do you like shopping alone or with other people?

I love shopping by myself! I feel like I can go at my own pace, try 50 items on if I want to and leave when I am ready. I don’t like the pressure that comes with a shopping buddy. I mean, don’t get me wrong.. I love my friends.. but love grabbing coffee with them. Target? Target is my me time. 

One thing you can never resist at Target?

popcorn.. am I right? That smell catches you right in the nose coming through their doors.. and then what comes after popcorn? The Dollar Spot, again so strategically placed.. Target Does It Again!

One thing you don’t mind spending a little extra on? A good pair of jeans or shoes. I don’t have many, but the couple pairs I do have.. I absolutely love! 

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