Jenni Schoenberger

What is the first place you go to when you get to Target? I love a good bargain, so my first stop is always the One Spot section in front of the store– I love that everything there is under $5, allowing me to transform my home each season without a ton of expense. Even if I have gone to Target for just one thing, my trip isn’t complete without stopping there first.
Do you like shopping alone or with other people? I love shopping with my 5-year-old son. He refuses to go shopping with me until I say the magic word– Target– and then he is all set to go. When we shop, we make a lazy lap around the store, making sure to visit his favorite sections (LEGO and Minecraft, of course!) and finish our trip off with pizza in the Target Cafe/Pizza Hut Express. We make an event out of Target trips!
What’s one item you can never pass up? Seasonal mugs. Seriously, I’ve already shopped for several. I literally have a shelf that is just overflowing with mugs from Target. I’ve got some throwback Valentine’s mugs from a few years ago, cute tin mugs they released around Christmastime… I just can’t walk away without a new mug! It’s probably part Target addiction, part Caffeine addiction that is fueling that purchase, in fairness…

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