Jessica Litman

What is the first place you go to when you get to Target? I usually head right for the Dollar Spot. Then I go to the paper products like the planners and pens. I make a quick loop around the kids’ clothing and head straight for the organizing section. Then I browse the home decorating and kitchen aisles before heading to check out!

Do you like shopping alone or with other people?: I HAVE to shop at Target by myself.  If I do have to bring the family along, I end up writing down my list and making a bee-line for those places.  When I shop by myself, I can browse and take my time to look at things and decide where I could use them in my home!Tell us one of your crazy Target shopping stories?

Tell us one of your crazy Target shopping stories?: I ran into Target to exchange a shirt for my daughter and ended up spending $200 to completely redecorate her bedroom! Oops!

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