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Who is your favorite person to shop for?: I am a shameless child spoiler and am incredibly vulnerable to low-priced treats for my two-year-old son. If it’s under $5 and will entertain him for more than 5 minutes it’s probably going in my cart.

Tell us one of your crazy Target shopping stories? That would have to be chasing the aforementioned 2-year-old (who happened to be wearing a frog costume) across the entire store, tackling him at checkout, and then spending a good ten minutes together on the floor practicing our “magic breath” to avoid an epic meltdown. Luckily, the employees at the register were extremely kind and understanding which turned a highly embarrassing moment into a sweet and funny memory.

What’s one item you can never pass up?: I have zero resistance when it comes to tiny bowls in adorable patterns and colors, fresh looking kitchen textiles, and fancy serving trays. It’s so bad that I have to intentionally avoid the home section when it’s too far from payday. Target serve ware is pretty much made for food photo shoots. Being a full-time blogger, I fall hard for the cute items in that section.

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