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What is the first place you go to when you get to Target?: I don’t enjoy shopping. Really don’t enjoy shopping. Unless it’s at Target and then I can spend hours shopping and looking at every single item. I have a set route that I always take when I enter the doors to Target. I hit the Dollar Spot first and then straight to the Kitchen Section. I love looking at the dishes and organizing items there.
Do you like shopping alone or with other people?: With three teenagers, I’ve spent decades shopping with little helpers and I admit, that I much prefer to shop alone. I’d be ecstatic if I could be all alone in Target, Elvis style, but that’s just a daydream.
Tell us one of your crazy Target shopping stories?: I went to Target with my children when they were tweens and one was a young teen. It was lightly raining, but no big deal. While we were in Target, a huge storm blew up. The power went out. We couldn’t leave the store because there was a tornado warning. We were forced to stay in beautiful Target. Sounds like heaven, right? But it was too dark to shop and it quickly got hot and stuffy. Rather than being scared of the storm, we were all hugely disappointed that we couldn’t enjoy the time in Target.

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