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What is the first place you go to when you get to Target? The first place I visit when I go to Target is Starbucks, I order my fave coffee drink, and then I peruse the dollar section.

Tell us one of your crazy Target shopping stories? A crazy Target shopping story would be shopping with kids! They always make things more interesting. This happened a long time ago when my oldest son was 9 months old. He was sitting in the shopping cart, and he was super restless. I had a long list of baby items to buy and since I was a brand new mom, I said: “Ok, why don’t you hold my list? Then you can help shop.” Next thing, my list disappeared (it was a long list) and my son had eaten the whole list! I was a little scared but then I laughed about it. I probably did some extra spending without my list!

Who is your favorite person to shop for? My favorite person to shop for is my daughter who is 7 years old. The clothes at Target are so cute, and I can dress her with my favorite clothes (leggings, t-shirts in soft pastels and accessories.

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