Beauty Tips for Moms on the Go

Beauty tips for moms on the go

Hi there!  Summer here from Elevate Everyday where you’ll find simple and attainable ways to elevate the delightful details of your everyday life.  We plan on being on the go quite a bit this Summer and there are a couple items I just can’t do life without!  I’m here to tell you all about them so you can be ready to show off a little bit of your beautiful skin.

A clear makeup bag:

Make Up Essentials

There is nothing worse than trying to find those little lip pencils and bobby pins in the abyss of a zipper pouch.  Being plastic, it is easy to clean up the inevitable foundation spill and you can quickly grab anything you are looking for.

Garnier Skin Renewal Roller:

Garnier Skin Renew

This baby is like a magic wand, banishes dark circles and blemishes leaving a smooth finish and refreshing scent.

Elf Brush Cleaner:  

Elf Brush Shampoo

Cleaning your brushes is certainly a necessary evil.  If I don’t keep them clean every month or so I start to break out and the oil and buildup is visible on the bristles.  This cleaner makes upkeep a snap!

Sally Hansen Airbush Legs:

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

This stuff is like liquid gold!  No time for a spray tan?  No problem!  This instant bronzer goes on like a lotion and gives a perfectly airbrushed finish that will have your legs ready for all your sundresses.

EOS Hand Lotion:  

EOS Hand Lotion

Everyone knows and loves EOS for their lip balm, but their hand lotion might be even better!  It smells divine and keeps my hands soft and moisturized without that greasy feeling some lotions can leave behind.

Ice Breakers Cool Blasts:  

Icebreakers Cool Blasts

I know it’s not makeup, but I keep a container of these in my purse, in my glove box and in my makeup bag.  There is nothing worse that being insecure about your BBQ breath!  These are chewy like gum, but they are candy so you don’t get stuck wondering where to dispose of them later.  My kids keep finding these and eating the entire thing in one sitting they are so good.


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