Our New Favorite Storage Hack


In addition to their cute little fingers and their precious little toes we wish children would also be born with mad organizational skills from birth, but they are not, organizing is a learned skill.

Target had the best baskets for organizing all sorts of things, and we have lots of them. We have Target baskets for stuffed animals, train sets, books, and legos too. We recently build a new bookshelf in our living room. We wanted it to be for books and the toys they enjoy playing with together, Magnatiles, Magformers, and Tegu Blocks.


It was important to us to store the toys in containers that our kids could easily pick up and put away. It also had to be narrow enough to fit on the shelf. When we spotted these white beverage tubs we knew they would do the trick.


They are less than $15, a bargain! They are metal, so they are sturdy and the side handles are great, making it easier for the kids to pick them up. They are also wide on the top making it quick to put toys away.

Looking for something with more color? They also come in teal and steel. What is your favorite place to store toys?


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