Bold Summer Makeup

When it comes to wearing color, a lot of woman have a serious phobia.  We have closets full of black – black dresses, black pants, black tops, black skirts.  We wear nude makeup and nail polish, wanting to fade into the background.

But we don’t think it’s always cool to just blend in.  Summer is the perfect time to incorporate more color into your life and makeup is the easiest way to do that.

Here’s the thing about makeup: it’s reasonably priced and if you hate it that much, you can easily remove it.

There are ways to dip your toe into the world of colorful makeup.  If you think red lipstick isn’t for you, we bet you’re wrong.  Almost every woman can, and should, wear red lipstick.  If you’re feeling even more adventurous, try dark blue.  Dark colors really pop, even in the summer.

Nail polish is another way to try out color.  Experiment by mixing different colors or painting one nail a color unlike the rest.  We always notice fun nail polish colors and no matter your age, occupation, or skin color, there is a bright green, yellow, purple, or orange waiting for you.

Once you become more comfortable with color, try out eye shadow.  Start with the lightest color and then work your way up to bolder hues.

The final step in embracing color are glitter and contouring powders.  This is where you can really have fun.  These looks are best for nighttime where evening light will really pick up on the glitter and enhance the makeup you applied.

Really, though makeup, like summer, is about having as much fun as possible.  Let loose, experiment, and wear color.  We bet it boosts your mood and puts a smile on your face!  Check out the slideshow for our top picks!

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