Busy Moms: How to Keep Schedules Straight

It’s that time again: back to school! While some of us are celebrating, it also has some of our heads spinning trying to keep everyone’s schedules straight. The struggle is real. Luckily, Target has you covered with everything you need to make sure everyone is where they need to be at the right time!

If you’re anything like us, The Dollar Spot is your first stop at Target, and they have the cutest planner essential for you! From stickers, to sticky notes, to the planner itself-Target has you covered!

Once you have all your essentials-it’s time to plan! In my planner I use the top for family and the bottom for work. The stickers make it fun and help remind me of what everyone has going on.

Another thing we do at my house is have a white board like this for everyone to see. It makes it easy to have one week up and then there is no surprises about what plans we have.

With Target you can start the school year out right and an organized mom is a happy mom!

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