Changing Up Your Beauty Routine for Summer

As the seasons change, so should our beauty routine. Different seasons bring different challenges for our skin. For example, in the winter, our skin is more dry and patchy, but in summer, our skin is more oily. This is why it’s important to adjust our beauty routine every season to adapt to these changes and keep our skin healthy and beautiful. Here are my recommendations below (plus my product picks):

Waterproof Makeup

Summer is the season for water sports. Whether you’re snorkeling, swimming, canoeing or even just using a water fan cooler, you want makeup that stays on all day long. No one wants eyeliner or mascara running down their face after taking a dip in the water! If you are very active during the summer, try minimizing the makeup worn. Use a BB cream instead of a heavy foundation and use a tinted balm versus a creamy lipstick.

Matte Makeup Products

Are you normally oily? Sweat a lot under the intense rays of the sun? Not to fear! That’s what Matte makeup products are for! They keep your makeup on perfectly no matter how much humidity or sweat there is.

SPF Products

I know, I know, this is a given. Still need to point it out though! Keep yourself protected from head to toe. Even if you’re just spending an hour outside, put on sunscreen. If you’re staying out the entire day, make sure you re-apply every hour/hour and a half. Trust me, you don’t want to get burned. Bright red isn’t a color you want on your skin!

Creams with Aloe Extract

Why aloe? It’s known for its’ water retaining and pain relieving properties. After a long day in the sun, it’s good to shower, wash off the beach and hydrate your skin with a body lotion with aloe extract. This way, if you burn or tan, it will help your skin retain moisture, avoiding flaking and dryness.

Light Body Scrub

This is especially needed if you’re exposed to the sun a lot. Whether you tan or burn, your skin can start to flake in order to heal itself. Help your body through this process with a gentle body scrub. The scrub will gentle exfoliate your skin and wash away any dead skin or dirt, leaving you with clean, soft skin!

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