Choosing Outdoor Rugs

Guide to choosing the right outdoor rug

With patio season in full swing, there is no better time to put the finishing touches on your outdoor patio, deck or whatever it may be you use to entertain and relax. We believe in making the outdoor spaces of your home equally inviting as your indoor space and one of the of the best ways to do this is with an outdoor patio rug! Today we’re sharing nine different outdoor rugs that will be the icing on your cake [or in this case, the fabric on your concrete] to polish off your outdoor living area. To simplify things we are breaking it down by 3 of our favorite color trends for the season – blues, oranges and our beloved neutrals, all of which are affordable finds from our favorite store (Target of course!) Shop our favorites below and turn that outdoor area into the patio of your dreams.outdoorrugsblue

  1. Blue Southwest Outdoor Rug – We love the pattern of this geometric southwest rug. Add in the different blues and this is a multi-functional rug that could fit with almost any decor!
  2. Navy Fish Outdoor Rug – This nautical inspired rug is perfect for any home on the water. The eclectic fish pattern make this rug a fun focal point of any outdoor space.
  3. Blue Batik Outdoor Rug – There is nothing better than this classic pattern that looks both sophisticated and elegant. If you are all about class, this rug is perfect for your space!

orange outdoor rug

  1. Safavieh Torcy Outdoor Rug – Another nautical look for our water lovers out there! This coral pattern is perfect for your home on the lake, river, ocean, heck even a pool will do!
  2. Ikat Outdoor Rug – If your outdoor space exudes fun, this rug is for you. Add in pops of aqua, navy or yellow and your outdoor space will scream good times.
  3. Safavieh Outdoor Rug – Sometimes it’s better to keep things simple if you have a lot going on with the other fabrics in your outdoor space. This rug allows you to do just that – keep the focus on those other pieces will tieing it all together with this cozy comfortable rug.

neutral rugs

  1. Balta Richmond Striped Outdoor Rug – We love the natural colors in this classic striped area rug and can only imagine the countless color schemes you could tie it all together with.
  2. Balta Livingston Outdoor Rug – While this rug is basic in colors, the pattern is anything but. This fun-filled rug is a great centerpiece under any table!
  3. Geo Tan Rug – One of our favorites from the line-up, this geo-neutral rug draws the eye in and would pull together any patio look perfectly.

And that completes our line-up of outdoor rugs for your patio or deck! Tell us your favorite or drop a link to your other Target outdoor must-haves. Now pour that cup of coffee or your favorite cocktail and get out there and relax!

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