Closet Organization Perfect for Back to School

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School is back in session and that means I have been so busy getting everything we need to head back to school. Not just with school supplies and clothes, but my home too! The more organized I am the better our mornings and days will be. Every morning, or sometimes the night before, I gather their clothes, down to their socks and shoes and set everything out for them ready for the day ahead. But, first I had to get them organized because I did not want to dig around their closets and all their junk at 6 am in the morning!

Target Closet organization

My youngest son’s closet is small! Like very small. He hardly has any room for anything other then his clothes, extra sheets, and a few blankets. So, whatever organization I added to his closet had to make an impact and be resourceful. Meaning, it had to be small but serve a big impact. Target is my go to place for all things home and organization and my most recent trip didn’t disapoint. By grabbing only 3, yes just 3, essential items from Target, I was able to get our closets ready to head back to school.

Target Closet hamper

This striped fabric floor bin works perfectly as our hamper. It’s lightweight and easy for them to move around and carry if they need to. Plus, it holds all their clothes and helps keep them off the floor. I placed a stool in my youngest son’s closet as well because it helps him reach the hangers and reach anything he needs off the top shelf.

clothes hanger for closet

Hangers! How can you not organize your clothes without hangers and I needed a lot! My boys wear uniforms to school so we have to hang up everything. Shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, pullovers, anything for school has to be hung up. So, I grabbed several packs of kids’ hangers to hang up and keep our school uniforms in pristine condition and help my boys look their best.

Target hangers for back to school

Closet storage organization

Speaking of jackets and pullovers. Since it’s still 90 degrees out we don’t have to worry about those just yet. So, I grabbed this amazing large wire milk cratethat I really wanted to keep for myself, to store all the jackets that were not needed at this time. I always keep one or two ready to go when they get chilly in the class, but there is no need to keep that many in the closet. So, to help make room and to keep it all organized, I folded them up neatly and tucked them inside the crate and placed up on the shelf ready to go at any time. Or when the weather finally decides to cool down.

Target jacket storage basket

You don’t have to spend a lot of money and you really don’t need much to get yourself organized. The main focus is to declutter and keep what’s needed. Since, my boys are still pretty young his closet was only packed full of toys and that was easy to clear out. I added in a hamper, basket, and lots of hangers. I really needed more then one basket so I am heading back to Target to grab some more to hold his extra blankets and sheets to get that part organized a bit better.

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