Create a Felt Boutonniere for Easter

Do you want to dress up your little man with some beautiful Easter flowers but know that he will destroy them before you even leave the house? How about we create a fun boutonniere from felt that will be much more difficult to destroy than real flowers??  You can grab all the supplies from Target and then get to work!



Pipe Cleaner (1 white)

Glue Gun

Flower Template (Printed on card stock)

Easter Shirt


Cut the template pieces out. Use the template to trace the flowers onto your felt. Heat your glue gun while you cut the felt pieces. After you trace be sure to cut inside the traced portion so that the pen/marker doesn’t show up and ruin your finished product.

For the lily keep the template as one piece and trace it onto a piece of white felt. Then cut the smaller piece out and trace it onto a pink or fuchsia piece of felt.

For each rose you will need 10 petals and one leaf.

For the cherry blossom there is no template. You will just cut two strips of green (or brown) felt that are 1/4″ by the length of the square. Then cut small little teardrop shapes from a pink felt.

To assemble the lily glue the fuchsia piece onto the top of the white circle. Then fold the circle around and glue in place. You can trim the circle in the front to really show off the fuchsia portion. Then push a white pipe cleaner into the bottom of the flower and glue it in place.

Wrap the pipe cleaner around the bottom of the lily once or twice. Now grab your green (or brown) branches and glue it onto either side of the lily. Fold it in half over the pipe cleaner and then glue in the crease.

Now glue your pink teardrops in clusters on all four of the stems.

Wrap the pipe cleaner around the flowers again. This is the time to make sure all the flowers are facing the way you want them to. Use the pipe cleaner and hot glue to make sure all the flowers look pretty and face forward. Cut a piece of dark green felt that is wide enough to cover the bottom of the flowers and the pipe cleaner. Glue it in place making sure that the edges meet in the back.

For the roses grab one of the petals and fold it into a small round center and glue.

Layer the petals around, place the middle of the next petal onto the glued edges of the last petal. Continue to add petals until the rose is the desired size. We used about 10 petals for each rose. Glue a leaf to each rose. Then glue the roses onto the dark green felt that you added to the bottom.

Glue a safety pin to the back of the boutonniere. Then add another piece of green felt to cover the back of the safety pin and help hold it in place. The great thing about hot glue is that you can just pull off any excess that may have squeezed out!

We just love how this turned out don’t you?


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