Creating a Lego Area For Younger Kids


It’s a happy day when your toddler can start playing with legos. They feel like a big kid and you know they’re entering a world of creativity and hours of entertainment.


The tricky thing about legos is keeping it organized. We’ve had a lot of trial and error and what we found is that less organizing is more fun. When children are younger it’s hard to keep all of the pieces from one set in one box, or getting them to put away legos in small containers that’s color coordinated.

StorageBasket.Screen Shot (1)
We think big shallow baskets is best. They can reach for and see all the pieces, and cleaning up is quick and easy. TARGET’s Short Seagrass Rectangular Wicker Storage Basket is our favorite. It’s durable (we’ve had ours for over 2 years), and the side handles makes it easy for little hands.


Do your kids like legos? How do you keep them organized?



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