Cuddle Up with a Good Book-Must Read Love Stories

Cuddle Up with a Good Book-Must Read Love Stories

We here at Target Made Me Do It love a good love story, so today we’re sharing some great ones that you won’t want to put down!

Real Life Love Stories

It’s always fun to read a good fiction love story, but the real life one’s take the cake! Take for example The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines. These two are the stars of the hit HGTV show “Fixer Upper,” and this book makes us appreciate them even more! Written as if it’s a conversation between the two of them and us, makes this a book you won’t want to put down. Hearing about how they met, how they live, and their love for each other is super inspiring.

Another great real life love story is between mother and son in Fly a Little Higher, this is the story of Laura and her son Zach after finding out that Zach has cancer and only a year to live. They want to make his time count and as one of Target’s Club Picks it’s worth picking up today!

Pet Love Stories

We are suckers for pets around here and The Art of Racing in the Rain written from the pet’s point of view is one you won’t soon forget. The love between these two is powerful. Garth Stein did it right when he wrote this!

YA literature is always such a treat to read solo or with the kids and Love That Dog, written in prose, tells the story of a boy and his dog. While taking on the style of famous poets at times, Jack shares his life and love for Sky, his dog.

Love Gone Wrong

Sometimes a good love “gone wrong” book is the perfect book to cuddle up with, and Behind Closed Doors is a perfectly creepy read. Mr. Right is anything but that, but how will Grace escape?

Love isn’t always what it seems and this is also true in Gone Girl. Keeping us up late, this story told part from husband’s point of view, and part from the wives reveals that what you “think” is true isn’t always the case.

Funny Love Stories

Sometimes we just need a good laugh, and these love stories are good for just that. In The Rosie Project Don Tillman is looking to find the perfect soulmate and thinks there might be a formula for finding her. He begins asking prospective mates to fill out a lengthy questionnaire (think Sheldon Cooper), then he meets Rosie and she turns his structured world upside-down.

Friend-Zoned is another funny read in which Nickolei falls for the one girl he put in the friend zone, now he has to figure out what to do about it.

Complicated Love Stories

Lastly, we love a good book that is more than just a good love story. That’s definitely true about these two stories. In The Light Between Oceans a young couple lived in solitude at a lighthouse away from civilization. They love each other wholly but have faced the loss of multiple babies. Then one day a boat comes to shore and inside is a dead man and a newborn baby. They do the unthinkable and bury the man and claim the baby as their own. Years later they find out who the baby belongs to, but is there love big enough to keep this secret, and should they?

If you’re ready for a cry-fest, then you’re ready for Me Before You. Louisa Clark is a young women without much of a plan or excitement in your life, and she likes it that way. After the cafe’ where she works closes she’s in need of a job, and fast. She becomes a “companion” to Will, a handsome, successful, jet-setting man who tragically became a quadriplegic. Neither expect what will happen as they start spending time together, but it will change both of them forever.

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