DIY Birdfeeder Project for Kids

Spring weather has been a big tease this year, and we’ve been itching to get outside, enjoy the weather and welcome warmer temperatures. We noticed the birds around town seem to have similar ideas. So we hopped over to Target to pick up a few supplies to combine with some things already around the house in order to make really easy DIY bird feeders.

We opted for a simple kid-friendly design the little ones can make themselves. Perfection aside, the supplies are easy enough to use that kids can have creative freedom to make their birdfeeder just the way they wish.

We completed our project on one of those unseasonably warm days that so many of us across the country have been experiencing. Thus, despite it being March, we sat outside to make it. We even had a chance to watch the birds enjoy the treats.

If you’d like to try this out on your own, it’s really simple. Below is a list of the supplies you’ll need and steps to follow so your kids can make their own DIY bird feeder.

Did you know Target has wild bird seed? It was welcome news to us that we could get everything we needed for our project in one place.


Steps to Complete Your Own DIY Birdfeeder Project with Kids

To get started, gather up your supplies. Cut off the top of the carton or box. Be sure not to make the bottom too deep or the birds won’t be able to reach the bird seed at the bottom.

Cover the box with duct tape to design it as the kids desire.

Punch holes near the top of the box. Cut slits through the middle of the box on both sides, and push the wooden stick through the slits.

Tie the twine through each of the holes and then tie each of the twine pieces together at the top.

Fill the feeder with birdseed.

Hang the DIY birdfeeder and enjoy watching all the birds snack on the seed.

If you try it, be sure to share on social media with #TargetMadeMeDoIt so we can check it out!

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We've had a blast watching all the different kinds of birds visiting the feeder since we put it up!

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