DIY Class Valentine’s Perfect for Big Kids

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to start planning those class Valentines for the kids to pass out to their friends and classmates. Every year it seems to be the same thing. Search the internet to find the cutest and awesomest ideas that you think your kids will love. Shop for those items, spend hours making them, then have your kids say they want the cheap box Valentine’s Day cards at the grocery store because that’s what everyone else has. UGH! No? Maybe it’s just me. But, every year it seems to work out that way. Maybe because they are boys or maybe because they are getting older and don’t want to have too much attention brought to them. So, I usually give in and get them what them exactly what they want, however, the box Valentines are just fine and great, but they lack individual personality and I want something we can personalize and something they know came from the heart. I headed straight to my favorite go-to place, Target, and started shopping for the best goodies to make our DIY class Valentine’s perfect for big kids.

DIY Valentines Canvas Sacks Perfect for Kids

Since, I have two boys, that means, two classes of around 18 kids each. That is 36 class gifts and a total of 6 teachers. My youngest son has 1 teacher and my older son has 2 core teachers and 3 special teachers. That is 42 gifts to make! EEK! To keep costs down and simple I stop at the Target dollar spot. If you haven’t stopped by this amazing spot at your local Target, you are missing out. It’s full of fantastic and one of a kind finds that make perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day. I spotted these mini fabric canvas bags and got a total “ah-ha” moments! These would make perfect teacher gifts! They are only $1.00 a piece and came in about 4 different designs. Score!!! I also snagged up these super sweet Valentine’s Day gift tags that paired perfectly with the bags. I simply filled with a few sweet treats and they made the perfect teacher gifts for Valentine’s Day.

DIY Valentines Gifts for Big Kids

These mini bags also make perfect class gifts as well. Just add a Valentine’s themed pencil (also from the dollar spot) along with the candy or chocolate and you have a great gift your friends will absolutely love! Don’t want to use candy? No problem! Target has you covered. I found stickers, erasers, and more that will all make perfect gifts and not break the budget.

DIY Kids Valentines Gift Ideas

Since we have 36 class gifts to make and hand out, I wanted something simple but something I knew they would love. Decorative pencils seem to be a big thing at our school. Plus, I know they are always in need of pencils. When I saw these Valentine’s Day pencils I grabbed a few packs and tossed them into my cart. They came in packs of 12 for $1.00 so I only need 4 to complete all of my class gifts! I grabbed a few more packs of the super cute gift tags and I had my class gifts ready to go.

DIY Class Valentines Perfect for Big Kids

The pencils are super simple to assemble. Just fill out the tags and tie onto the pencils. I would suggest tying on the top where the metal wraps near the eraser, only so the tag strings won’t slide off. You could also use a little double sided tape as well to secure. Then you’re ready to send these off to school with your big kid on Valentine’s Day. How simple is that! They make a huge statement and it is something the kids can use well after Valentine’s day.

DIY Ready made Valentines for Kids

Plus, if you’re looking for something even easier than the DIY pencils, Target has you covered!!!

DIY Big Kids Valentines

While searching for the perfect class gifts, I came across these super cute already made Valentine’s that go beyond the box sets! I couldn’t resist!!! These are darling and make amazing class gifts as well. Look at these googly eye rings and even the flipping frogs! These will help take your class Valentine’s to the next level.

Big Kids DIY Valentines

So, don’t delay! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Target has you covered for all your class Valentine’s Day ideas.

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