DIY Macrame Mirror

Who else is loving the macrame trend? At first glance, the craft may look complicated but I promise, it’s so easy! We decided to add a touch of macrame to this circle mirror found at Target using just two types of knots! Read on to find out how we did it…

You’ll need:

1. Cut pieces of rope that measure approximately 16 inches in length. The number of pieces you will need will depend on your rope’s thickness. Mine is 1/8 inch in diameter and I needed 84 pieces.
2. Attach each piece of rope to the metal hoop by creating a Lark’s Head Knot. To make your knot, fold one piece of rope in half. Place it on the top side of the hoop.
3. Bring the loop behind the metal hoop and pull the ends through the loop.
4. Pull tight to create your knot.

Continue attaching your rope pieces until you have covered the entire hoop making sure that you have an even number of pieces that is divisible by 4.

Now we’re going to create Square Knots.
1. Separate 4 pieces of rope to work with. Create a ‘4’ shape with the leftmost piece of rope going over the two middle pieces. Bring the rightmost piece overtop the first piece.
2. Bring the rightmost piece behind all the rope pieces and through the loop between the first and second pieces. Pull tight to create the first half of the square knot.
3. Repeat the process, this time working from the right side. Take the rightmost piece of rope and create the ‘4’ shape, bringing the leftmost piece back and through the loop.
4. Pull tight to create a full square knot.

Continue creating square knots all the way around the hoop.

Next, we’re going to create Alternating Square Knots. You will repeat the process for a square knot, this time working with the 4 pieces in between two knots in the first row. Take two pieces from the right side of one knot, and two from the left side of the next knot.

This is what your alternating square knot will look like. Notice how it falls between the two top knots.

Continue making alternating knots all the way around the hoop.

Finally, trim your rope ends to approximately 1 inch in length.

I used a three strand cotton rope so I untwisted the ends. This step is totally optional depending on what type of rope you use!

Heat up your glue gun. I found it easier to add the glue to the back of the top square knots. Working quickly, attach the hoop to your mirror using the knots as a guide to make sure it is centered before the glue dries. Let the glue dry completely before hanging.

Hang your mirror on a wall. And you’re done!

A simple DIY with a big impact! Let me know how you would style this macrame mirror in your home!

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