DIY No Sew Our Generation Doll Rug

We are so excited to be sharing this fun and quick DIY project for your Our Generation Doll. This is a great project to make with the kids when they are going stir crazy this summer! This takes less than 20 minutes to make and needs only minor adult supervision!


Craft Sticks

Pom Poms

Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Duct Tape

Pom Pom Trim (optional)


Start by deciding how big you want the rug to be. We made this rug with 50 small craft sticks, two rows of 25. Use one long piece of duct tap and line your craft sticks up onto the tape.

Then secure the sticks with two more pieces of duct tape.

With your glue stick attach the pom pom trim around the edge (if you are doing the pom pom edge.)

Now grab your pom poms. You can use all the same color or mix and match. We loved these sparkle pom poms but there are less flashy options too!

Place a dot of hot glue and then you or your kiddo can just push a pom pom onto the glue dot.

Continue in this fashion until the entire surface is filled with pom poms. We threw in a few bigger pom poms because when the kiddos are helping you have to let them be creative right?

This would also be a totally cute rug if you just covered the sticks in duct tape and then added the pom pom trim! There are really lots of options for customizing this fun rug!!

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