DIY Turkey Napkin Rings Kids Can Help Make

Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. We love that the focus is on family and friends (and food!). It’s a lower key holiday with less stress, but all the excitement of celebrating with family. We like to involve our children in helping  decorate and prepare for Thanksgiving. These DIY turkey napkin rings are adorable and easy enough to make that your kids can help make them. You and your children will be proud to show off your handmade napkin rings on this year’s Thanksgiving table.


We find that children get a bit restless on Thanksgiving day. You know that downtime when you’re waiting for dinner. This is the perfect time to enlist your children in helping craft turkey napkin rings. Everyone will have a grand time crafting together. And your children will be so proud to contribute to the Thanksgiving table decorations.


Cut the paper towel roll into 6 or 8 rings. Often you can use the glue rings as guides for your cuts. The rings should be approximately 1 1/2 inches wide.

Cut strips of brown paper 1 1/2 inches wide and approximately 6 inches long. Use double stick tape to attach the paper strip to the paper towel ring.

We know we’re not the only ones with a large stash of decorative scrapbooking paper. This is the perfect opportunity to use up those scraps you’ve been saving. Cut a pattern for the feather. Have children trace around the feather pattern and then cut out approximately 8 feathers per napkin ring. You can add more feathers if you’d like.

We use an empty vitamin bottle to cut two circles, one slightly smaller than the other. Use the lid to trace a circle on brown paper. Use the neck of the vitamin bottle to trace another circle on a lighter color paper (we like tan or orange) to make the turkey’s face.

Attach the tail feathers to the larger brown circle with double stick tape. Glue googly eyes, a yellow or orange beak and a red snood (that red thingy on the side of the turkey’s beak) to the smaller circle. Once those are dry, use double stick tape to attach the face to the body and then attach the entire body to the napkin ring.

These DIY turkey napkin rings are an adorable handmade touch to your Thanksgiving table decor. Can’t you just hear all the compliments now?

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