Dog Days of Summer: How to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer


We are almost saying goodbye to summer but it’s still so hot! With August heating up how are you preparing to handle the heat? You’ve probably got a game plan all laid out. Carry a water bottle, wear sunscreen, bring a hat – but what are you doing for your pup? Next time you are at Target make sure you pick up a few things to help your fur baby make it through the hot days too.

Keep your dog hydrated.


Whether you are heading out on a hike or for a road trip with your dog, make sure you have options to keep them hydrated during the adventure. PortablePET has two great options. Try out the PortablePET Portabottle for hikes. It is a water bottle turned dog bowl in just a few seconds. For road trips try out the Portable Pet Waterboy Bowl. It’s spill and leak resistant feature makes it great for keeping your pup hydrated in the car or as a guest at someone else’s house.

Keep your dog cool


There are two simple ways to keep your pooch cool during the summer months. The first is making sure there is a cool place for your dog to rest. If your house has any tile or hardwood floor you have probably seen your pooch laying with all legs spread out to get their belly down on the cold floor to help cool them off. Make it easier for your dog to stay cool inside by providing them with a self-cooling mat.


The second way is by keeping your dog’s hair trimmed and undercoat to a minimum. Have you ever noticed how much more your dog sheds in the summer? That is because they are trying to get rid of all the extra undercoat hair that is keeping them heated during the summer months. Lend your pup a hand by brushing out their undercoat often.

Keep your dog comfortable


Your dog is probably still sleeping in their bed because it is comfortable and it’s their place. But think about it, do you keep on your down comforter and heavy sheets for summer? No way! Make sure your pooch has a comfortable place to sleep by getting them an elevated bed. The air from below will help keep your fur baby cool through every summer night.

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