Easter Basket on a Budget for Teens

Easter is right around the corner, and it’s time that we start preparing our Easter Baskets. Sometimes it feels like the teens in the family are the hardest to shop for, too. But gifts for our teens don’t have to break the bank. Target has a ton of great options so we can create a basket for any teen’s interests, no matter our budget size.

For the Writer

When our teens are always looking to jot the idea for their next piece of writing down, Easter gifts that encourage that talent is always great. We have a few must-have Easter gifts for writers.

For the Musician

We love listening to our teens rock out and explore their passions (though sometimes we need some ear plugs…), so gifts for musicians seem like a no-brainer. Instruments may be too spendy for an Easter gift, but there are plenty of budget-friendly gifts for your favorite future rock star at Target.

  • An iTunes or Spotify gift card, because sometimes the best inspiration comes from listening to your favorite artists
  • Earbuds, so your teen can listen to their own music or to their favorite inspirations
  • CD-Rs for burning their latest track to get feedback from friends
  • Guitar picks, which get lost easily, or new drumsticks. You can never have enough.
  • An affordable guitar stand that fits almost any guitar

For the DIY-er

We love to DIY, and we know so many teens are total stars at Pinterest-worthy projects. Luckily, there are plenty of affordable gifts for the teens who can’t get enough of do-it-yourself creations.

  • A Target gift card, for stocking up on plenty of supplies in the DIY aisle
  • Blank canvases, wooden monogram letters, felt, and glitter from the Hand Made Modern section at Target
  • New Brit+Co Collaboration Craft Kits that are exclusively available at Target and have all the supplies you need for the project inside
  • A book for plenty of DIY Inspiration
  • Nails, thumbtacks, and Command hooks for hanging their latest creations around their room.
  • Items from the One Spot that are perfect for DIY projects (and are under $5!). We recently found some great glass jars, glitter stickers, and scrapbooking supplies for less than $3!

For the Athlete

We have runners, soccer stars, and baseball pros, plus yoga enthusiasts and gym junkies. Luckily, Target has all of the supplies we need to keep our athletes going (and they’re super budget-friendly, too).

  • A Target Gift Card, so our teens can buy the athletic wear they need for their workout
  • Wrap-around Earbuds, so they always have the right jam while they’re working out
  • Hand weights, resistance bands, and other workout tools that are under $15
  • Olly Workout Smoothie Powder, which is less budget friendly than other items on the list, but far more budget friendly than comparable workout shakes on the market at only $29.99.
  • Ball pumps to make sure that their equipment is always fully aired up on the go! No one likes a deflated soccer ball.
  • A water bottle to keep them well-hydrated and fueled up for their workout or big game

For the Foodie

Foodies get inspiration from everywhere, and luckily, Target has plenty of budget-friendly options from kitchenware to cookbooks for your teen chef.

For the Gamer

Target has so many great things in store for the teen gamer, even on a budget! Whether your teen is slaying creepers in Minecraft or getting on a great FIFA match, Target is sure to please.

For the Fashion-Conscious

Target has some really great style for guys and girls who love fashion but like sticking to a budget, too. From super-cute graphic tees to affordable shoes, Target really does have it all for fashion-conscious teens.

  • A new graphic tee or springtime tank top
  • Boxers or sleep shorts to inspire sleep in style
  • Fresh spring nail polish colors for the perfect spring pedi
  • New flip flops, which cost as little as $2-3!
  • A circle mirror, like one recently spotted in the One Spot for $5
  • Accessories like spring scarves, a new wallet or bandanna, or sunglasses

For the Comic Book enthusiast

With tons of new movies from Suicide Squad to Logan, comic books and their related content are all the rage right now. For our comic-obsessed teens, there are a ton of great Target gifts at reasonable prices!

  • A movie theater gift card so they can catch the latest films from the DCEU or from Marvel
  • A Netflix gift card so they can catch up on hits like Jessica Jones
  • Funko Pop figures of their favorite heroes and villains
  • Graphic tees from their favorite comic franchises
  • A new comic or graphic novel

Of course, everyone can appreciate fun snacks, including Target-exclusive Easter candy, so don’t forget to stock up on basics, too. We love making sure Easter baskets are filled with tons of great stuff, but without breaking the bank.

Target.com Tip: When shopping on a budget, go to the product category you love, then select your price range– almost every section of the store has hundreds of items under $15!

We love picking up something fun to wear, something fun to read or watch, a must-have tool (like pens or guitar picks), and a gift card so teens can pick their own must-haves later, and with the great Target prices on all of these items, you can definitely make sure your teen has an Easter basket they’ll love.

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great ideas. I have such a hard time with my teen on what to get him.

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