Easy Hair Styles for When You Don’t Want to Wash Your Hair

As a busy mom of two I don’t always have a lot of time to get ready. You might be nodding your head to this as well. If you’re like me then you don’t wash your hair everyday, or even maybe every few days! I’ve found with some good dry shampoo and some fun easy hair styles I can easily go 1-2 days without washing my hair. Here’s three easy hair styles to get you through till your next shampoo!

The tools:

L’OREAL Lock It Hairspray, Batiste Dry Shampoo, Wide tooth comb, hair elastics, bobby pins, Conair 1 Inch Curling Iron , headbands.

First things first, let’s add some dry shampoo. I love the Batiste brand which you can pick up from Target for under $6!! I spray it all over concentrating on my roots and then work into my hair.

Hairstyle #1: Revive Old Curls

Every time I wash my hair I curl my hair with my 1 inch barrel iron. For day 2 or 3 hair I like to apply dry shampoo and revive my curls by running the iron through and re curling just a few strands all over. I finish using the L’OREADL Lock It Hairspray to keep my curls lasting all day. That’s it!

Hairstyle #2: Add a Braid to your Ponytail

For the days when you just wanna throw it up into a ponytail and call it good, add some interested with a quick side braid. Use a bobby pin to secure it and then pull it up into a pony. You can remove the bobby pin once it’s all secure.

Hairstyle #3: Easy Headband Updo

The look is seriously one of my faves. Grab any headband you have that has an elastic all the way around and place on the crown of your head. Begin to tuck in the rest of your hair into the elastic around the band. If your hair is shorter like mine you can use bobby pins to secure the hair so it doesn’t fall out.

These hairstyles allow me to be able to get ready effortlessly. I hope you have a chance to try them out for yourself.


I love the braided pony tail style! I will have to try that one too!!
Allison Waken
This is so cute! And looks easy enough, thanks for the inspiration!
Cute! I have long hair for the first time in many years and need other style choice than a pony or braid.
I love that beaded headband! Two super cute hairstyles that are quick and easy!
Vanessa Coppola
I think I could actually pull this off! Love the headband!

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