Easy Summer Beach Waves for Shorter Hair

Beach waves are the perfect way to do your hair this Summer! They give you a fresh, un-done look to your hair. Until recently I had no idea how to achieve this look on my shorter hair, but now that I’ve figured it out I wanted to share how to create this look on your own shorter hair. If you have longer hair you can take these same ideas and do them as well. Let’s get started! First, let’s talk about the tools you need.

Tools used:

Teasing Comb, Batiste Dry Shampoo, Beach Wave Spray

I love this dry shampoo from Batiste, you can use it to add some grit and texture if you’re doing this hairstyle on day two hair. It also comes in a travel size sold at Target. Great for when you’re on the go as well. The Kristin Ess Beach Wave Spray is exclusively sold at Target, a lot of her hair products are great! I’ve tried a few and this one makes the list as one of my faves.

For my shorter hair I used a 1″ curling iron, if you have longer hair you could use a 1.5″ iron or bigger to get fuller curls. However, with shorter hair you’ll want to use a smaller iron so that the curl is defined.

As mentioned you can use dry shampoo if you want to add texture to day old hair, apply at the root and work into your hair. Next you’ll take your curling iron and grab one inch sections of hair. Curling one section away from your face, and then the next section toward your face. Leaving about an inch of hair out of the iron at the ends. Alternate this curl pattern all the way around your head until your hair is all curled. Wait till the hair is all curled to comb them out.

After it’s all curled, finger comb out all the curls. You’ll start to see the separation of the curls and curling them in opposite directions helps keep them separated inside of them all flowing together making a bigger curl.

Next, take your beach waves spray and spray in your hair mid hair to the ends of your hair. This gives your hair more of that piecy- undone look!

You’re all ready to go and ready for a day at the beach, or at least you can pretend with this fun hair style. Even on the second day this hairstyle looks even more relaxed and undone!

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Oh I love batiste! Super cute look!

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