Essentials for Welcoming a New Fur Baby


Some of the most exciting family moments are welcoming a new family member to the crew, but that doesn’t always mean a human baby. Sometimes it means a little fur baby. Bringing a pup into the home isn’t always fun and games, there is a lot to prepare for. Make sure to get the essentials to welcome your new fur baby home.

Food Bowls

dog food bowl

The obvious essential is getting food bowls that will work for your situation. Are you home all day and ready to feed your new fur baby as needed? Boots and Barkley have great stainless steel bowls. Or are you out and about with a full-time job so you need something to keep the puppy hydrated and fed for hours? It might be worth gettings an Aspen Pet auto waterer, especially in the summer months.

Food Storage

pet food storage

While we are talking about feeding your pet, have you thought about where you will keep your dog food? The bags they come in can be great until your new pet sniffs them out and rips the bag open. Look into getting a food storage container to keep the food fresh and stored away without worry of being attacked.


dog crate

Crate training is a wonderful way to get your fur baby trained quickly, keep the home from getting torn apart while they are home alone and let them have their own little home within your home. Boots and Barkley have a variety of sizes for whatever your new pet needs. Make sure you pick out a crate that gives your new pet enough room to grow into so you aren’t replacing it every couple months while they are growing.


Collar and Leash




Of course your little friend will want to get out and exercise too! It is important to have the proper collar and leash for your fur baby. These days harnesses and core leashes seem to be more pet-friendly than a collar for long walks. But don’t forget to grab an everyday collar with a tag to keep your pet safe too.


dog bed
Last but not least, make sure to pick up a bed for your new fur baby. They are part of the family so you want them to feel welcome with their own place to sleep! The Majestic Pet Pet Bed is the most popular because it works for a pet of any size and will still work as your new family member grows.

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