Faux Succulent Planter

Spring is one of our favorite times for crafting. The weather is getting warmer, the plants are starting to bloom and the days are finally getting longer. We love being able to bring the houseplants outside for a few hours during these warm days. It gives them a chance to absorb the fresh air and get a little bit of shaded sunlight. As much as plants are part of our home decor we can’t forget the extra time and attention they actually require.  Many of you might not have the spare time it takes to give these plants the care they need. If that’s the case, this next tutorial is perfect for you. We’re going to create our very own succulents out of craft foam. We’ll also make a great faux concrete planter from a faceted ceramic planter you can find right at Target. Grab your supplies and follow along below to create your own fun and maintenance free faux houseplants!


Gather all of your supplies. You’ll want to make sure you have a dual temperature hot glue gun as well as the other items pictured below.


Begin applying texture paste to the planter with a palette knife. Use smooth broad strokes to emulate the look of molded cement.

After texture paste is completely dry, apply paint with a stencil brush. Use both light gray and dark gray to mimic the look of actual cement.


Cut out elongated leaf shapes. Use a heat gun on it’s lowest setting. Attach each leaf together at the bottom overlapping to form a spiral.

Gather extra pieces that are long and spindly. Use them to create a fun and easy faux air plant!


Create the next succulent using a different shade of green foam. Cut each piece into an upside-down heart shape. Gradually cut shapes smaller and smaller. Place them into a spiral pattern. Glue each piece together at its base. Use a permanent marker or alcohol marker to add pink color accents to the tips.


The next succulent is going to be a “trailing” type of plant, so you’ll want to gradually build a long chain of foam “leaves.”  Start by cutting the foam into 1 inch strips. Cut each strip into square pieces approx 1 inch on each side. Round off tops of the pieces to create diamond shapes. Fold each piece together and glue, alternating and overlapping, until you have an approximately  4 inch long strand.


Fill your planter with styrofoam. Glue floral wire onto the faux succulents and insert into foam to secure in place. Add reindeer moss, peat or tiny stones to fill in the spaces between the succulents.

Feel free to enjoy your new succulent decor worry free. You won’t need a green thumb to take care of these amazingly simple DIY foam plants! Create a variety of styles with your planter. Try adding a little metallic paint for a look that really stands out.  Do you use faux plants in your home decor? We’d love to know your favorite decorating tips.

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