Favorite Fitness Gear to Get Summer Ready!

Summer time is here it’s the perfect time to get healthy and be active! I believe in a healthy lifestyle all year long and some of my favorite products that I use to maintain my healthy lifestyle come straight from my favorite store; Target! Tone It Up is my favorite fitness brand, and one that I use pretty much all the time. Now you can find most of their products at Target. Here’s a few of my favorite products from their line that I use on the daily, they are linked below in each picture. I also love their free workouts on Youtube and in their app!

Summer time is also a great time to get outside and be active. We love hiking as a family, and we love trips to the beach in the Summer and being active. Find a workout program and get active with your family. Working out with others not only is a lot of fun but it helps keep you motivated and on track!

booty bands | weights | kettle bell | exercise ball

Another great product that I love from Tone It Up’s collaboration with Target are their protein powders, bars and bites. The bars are great for meal replacements or snacks. I love the protein powders for adding into smoothies, pancakes, muffins and overnight oats to make for a healthy breakfast.

protein powder | protein bar | protein bites 









woven pants | color block leggings | high shine leggings |

I’m always a huge fan of a great workout outfit, it might be just me but I think that having a cute workout outfit is totally motivating to workout! I love rewarding myself for reaching fitness goals on my health journey with a new water bottle, workout clothing or fitness gear!  Target has tons of great and affordable workout attire options that won’t break your bank, I’ve linked a few of my faves above.

Don’t forget; to drink tons of water during the Summer especially! A general key is to drink half your weight in ounces of water daily! Drinking water has so many health benefits and especially in the Summer when you’re active and it’s really hot outside, it’s the best for your body!

I hope these tips and tricks have helped you today get motivated to stay active and healthy this Summer! What are some of your favorite fitness finds from Target? Let me know in the comments below how you stay active in the Summer.

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