Fishing Cupcakes For Father’s Day

Let’s hear it for Target, yet again!

We were strolling through the many fun displays that this time of year brings, and found all of the makings of a GREAT Father’s Day. June is so magical at Target. You have the Pride Month displays, all of the fun pop culture tee shirts, the incredible bathing suit collection (we may have lingered in there for a bit longer than normal), and of course – summer candy! Who doesn’t love summer candy? All the better to throw out to the crowd at parades, or make incredible baked goods with. Like cupcakes!

We can’t imagine that anyone will be able to resist the cuteness involved here. It just requires a quick trip to Target for all the baking supplies. You can also pick up some craft supplies there to make fun displays for the cupcakes. And while they are pretty detailed, they’re not hard to make!

Fishing Pole Cupcakes For Father’s Day




  1. Frost cupcakes with the blue frosting into a smooth layer. Using a knife or offset spatula, touch the frosted cupcake and gently pull up so it creates a little peak to look like a water wave. Do this all over the top of each cupcake.
  2. Melt the candy melts per package directions and dip each gumball until half covered. Shake off any excess and set the bobbers white side up on top of each cupcake. Put a redhot on the white chocolate on top of each bobber and let these set about 15 minutes so the chocolate hardens.
  3. Take a half piece of licorice and tie the end on to the end of a pretzel stick. Press the other end of the pretzel into the cupcake so it sticks up in the air and the licorice hangs down like fishing line. Trim the licorice if it is too long. Repeat this for each cupcake.
  4. Place a candy fish on each cupcake right in front of the licorice fishing line.
  5. Enjoy!

So what do you think? Will you make these amazing cupcakes? They’re a fun craft recipe for kids to help with – and feel that particular sense of pride kids feel when they make their own Mother or Father’s Day gifts. And the dads in your life will think they’re pretty amazing! Crafty AND delicious.



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