Floral Summer Wreath Tutorial

Floral Summer Wreath Tutorial

One of our favorite summer blossoms are Brown Eyed Susans. If you have any planted in your garden they will be blooming soon. If you don’t, you can still bring them into your home with this pretty floral summer wreath featuring these cheerful yellow flowers made from craft felt. Skinny wreaths are very trendy at the moment and this simple wreath tutorial uses a hula hoop wrapped with yarn as the base. Simply glue on handmade flowers and leaves and hang in a special spot to welcome summer into your home.


All supplies are available at Target.

Approx time 1-2 hours.


Tie the end of the yarn around the hula hoop to secure it. Wrap the yarn all the way around the hoop and it is to itself to stay in place. The thicker the yarn you use, the faster this part will go.

Next, cut out light and dark yellow petal shapes out of the craft felt. I used a base of petals of dark yellow and then added three petals of light yellow for each flower.

Sew the six dark yellow petals together and then glue or sew the three light yellow on top.

To make the center of the flower, take brown craft felt and cut it in a 2 inch wide strip the entire length of the felt piece. Fold it in half and the cut the open side of the fold into a fringe. Roll up the fringe and sew the edges the bottom so it doesn’t unravel. Glue one onto the center of each flower.

Glue each flower on top of the yarn covered hoop. Cut out three leaf shapes from the green felt. Glue them behind one of the petals on each flower.

Let glue dry completely and hang!

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