Glowing Fall Luminaries


With the evenings growing dark earlier and earlier, there is something beautiful about having luminaries glowing in your window or on your dining room table. These gorgeous fall luminaries are incredibly easy to make and only take a few supplies from Target!

Before you get started, clean your jar really well to help keep debris from being caught up in the paint.

You will need:

Add a large leaf sticker to the center of your jar or add a bunch of smaller leaves all of the glass. Smooth the stickers out with with a credit card to make sure they are secured well to the jar.

Using spray paint or acrylic paint, paint over the leaves on the jar. Allow the paint to dry completely and then add another coat. You want the jar around the leaves to be completely opaque so it may take several coats of paint to get it there. Just be sure to allow the paint to dry between coats.

If you want you can use hot glue to add a piece of twine around the lid of the jar or you can leave the lid empty. After your jar is completely dry, gently peel the leaf stickers off of the jar. Use your fingernail to slide under each sticker and pull it off, being careful not to scrap the paint off the rest of the jar.

After you have peeled of the stickers, you can leave it as is for a matte look or spray the jar with a coat of glossy sealant. Add a battery operated tealight and place it in a window to glow for all of your neighbors to see.

Have you ever made luminaries for your house?

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