Good-Bye Cherokee and Circo, Hello Cat & Jack

Photo via Bloomberg


For two decades Target’s mainstay childrens’ labels were Circo and Cherokee, accounting for roughly a billion dollars a year in sales. That’s about to change. Target is releasing it’s own kids’ clothing line called Cat & Jack, a hip new line inspired by kids and designed by adults and kids together.

Cat & Jack is supposed to look cool, inclusive, optimistic, modern, and fun. With graphic tees that says things like “Periodically Genius, But Always Cool” and pink dresses with pictures of the solar system.

The line has had major collaboration from kids. Designers have been working with over 1000 kids ages 4-12, through focus groups, online forums, even in their homes, listening and getting input from what kids’ these days are excited about wearing.

Cat & Jack will be available on and in stores by July 17, and Baby Cat & Jack will be available on starting Aug. 7 and in stores by Aug. 14. Prices range from $4.50 to $39.99, with most items under $19.99.

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