Grown Up Shirley Temple Cocktails

Remember when you were little and you went out for dinner with your family and were able to order a Shirley Temple? These memories of this sweet and nostalgic drink float into my mind now and again. On our last trip to Target we noticed that they had these adorable Maraschino cherries in the marketplace and just like that we knew what we were going to make.


There is nothing better than a trip to Target. We often find adorable things that we just need to have (does this happen to you too?) These adorable napkins, straws, and glass containers from the dollar spot, are perfect for a party, luncheon or get-together. The bright colors make us think of those Spring days that are coming soon.

Grown Up Shirley Temple Cocktails


3 Tbsp Maraschino cherry juice

8 oz lemon lime soda


1 jigger of cherry flavored vodka



Fill glass with ice.

Pour in Maraschino cherry juice

Top with soda and vodka.


Garnish with cherries and/or whipped cream.


This cocktail can be made with any flavored vodka you choose. We think the cherry variety really enhances the sweet and crisp flavors in this drink. Taking a sip will bring you back to your favorite childhood memories just enhanced a little bit for your grown-up tastes. Simply omit the alcohol if you want a mocktail. These drinks would be really sweet for a bridal or baby shower too. Head over to Target and get your supplies today!

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