Gummy Vitamin 101

We’ve always been told to take our vitamins.  But have you seen some of those giant pills?  Those are no fun.

Luckily there are more gummy vitamins than ever on the market so you can get plenty of nutrition in a super tasty way.  With gummy vitamins, it’s always good to remember they look and taste like candy, so you’re going to want to keep them away from children and be sure to stick to the proper dosage yourself.

We’ll start with multivitamins.  While none that we’re aware of contain iron, an important nutrient for some people to take in supplement form, there are many great options on the market if you get enough iron in your diet.  Smarty Pants Adult Complete Multi + Omega-3 + Vitamin D are a great option because they include omega-3, which is uncommon for multis.  Plus they’re non-GMO.

The natural fruit flavors in Nature Made Adult Gummies make for a tasty treat that gets the basic nutrients in your diet easily.

We also love gummy vitamins that bring one particular vitamin to the party.  Vitamin D is a nutrient almost all of us need because we don’t get enough from the sun.  Luckily Vitafusion has us covered with either Vitamin D or Calcium + Vitamin D.  If you don’t drink milk, you might want to consider the calcium version because calcium and Vitamin D work best together.

Biotin is another great option, especially for ladies who want nice hair, skin, and nails, which is all of us, right?  Luckily, Vitafusion has us covered there with 5000 mcg of biotin in blueberry flavored gummies.  Yum!

The last vitamin we’ll spotlight is B12.  It’s a great way to get a boost of energy and some research has shown it can help your immune system.  If you want to start slow, check out Nature Made which has B12 gummies with 1000 mcg.

If you are ready to dive right in to keep up with all your summer activities, check out Vitafusion’s B12 supplement which has 3000 mcg.

Regardless, be sure to check with your doctor to have any questions answered and read all labels for serving sizes and ingredients.  Gummy vitamins can be an awesome option in a lot of situations!

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